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Sport Nutrition

It is habitual in the world of sports, carrying out certain nutritional strategies, in order to improve performance (fasting training, poor diets excessively rich in carbohydrates, suppression of certain basic foods, intake of certain supplements ...) and that without adequate professional supervision, can negatively affect the athlete's health and final performance.

In Sports Nutrition, it is important to guarantee in the athlete's diet: the contribution of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, along with vitamins and minerals.

In high intensity athletes such as bodybuilders, weightlifting practitioners, an increase in muscle mass is desired. ( Muscular hypertrophy ) through a diet rich in protein and vitamins, through carbohydrate intake practices during exercise., Others, for example, need to expand their aerobic capacities and prolong their efforts for a longer time..

Some diets like that of bodybuilding athletes require specific bodybuilding supplements, how can creatine be protein supplements The objective is to counteract the loss of glycogen in the body during the practice of anaerobic sport, For this reason, they usually consume foods with a high glycemic index before sports. (usually carbohydrates) so that it is possible to keep the blood insulin level high and in this way increase the storage capacity of nutrients in the body.

Sports nutrition is a diet similar to that followed by people who do not engage in any vigorous physical activity, but the difference lies in the amount and frequency of carbohydrates, protein and fluids because these three food groups have the greatest impact on performance.

That is why losing weight in a healthy way is possible by avoiding foods that are harmful to the body and eating a healthy and balanced diet, although we can always supplement our diet with some fat burning satiating supplement, to help us speed up the process, besides doing sports regularly.

Finally, Sports Nutrition plays an important role in the exercise and health of people in sports, bearing in mind that there is no training overload that could correspond to injuries and illnesses.