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Bestseller No. 1
Fitfiu Fitness MC-200 - Foldable treadmill with speed up to 14 km / h, running surface of 40 x 110 cm, 1500W motor, LCD screen, heart rate monitor and emergency stop system
  • Foldable treadmill for moderate exercise at home with adjustable speed up to 14 km / h
  • Running surface of 40 x 110 cm for optimal comfort during training
  • It is equipped with a 1500W motor for optimal performance in the home.
Bestseller No. 2
Cinta de Correr Plegable 2 in 1, 2HP Potente Motor, 1-15 km/h con 2 Modos Deportivos Preestablecidos, Pantalla Dual&Táctil/Control Remoto, Cinta de Correr con Bluetooth Ideal para Hogar y Oficina
  • 【Seguridad】: Asegúrese de que la llave de seguridad esté bien colocada al encender la máquina para correr. Esto es fundamental. La caminadora cuenta con un marco de acero resistente y duradero con un acabado elegante y una banda para correr multicapa que absorbe los golpes, lo que hace que su experiencia de carrera sea más cómoda.
  • 【Cinta de Correr GEARSTONE 2 en 1】: La cinta de correr GEARSTONE 2 in 1 tiene dos modos para satisfacer sus diferentes necesidades de acondicionamiento físico. La cinta de correr desplegada está configurada como 'Modo de carrera' con una velocidad ajustable de 1-15 km / h. La cinta de correr plegada se convierte en una cinta de correr con un rango de velocidad de 1 a 4 km / h. Puede guardarlo debajo de un escritorio y caminar mientras trabaja.
  • 【Potente Motor & 2 Modos Deportivos Preestablecidos】: Potente y silencioso motor continuo sin escobillas de 2HP, velocidad ajustable de 1 a 15 km / h. En la pantalla LCD están predefinidos 2 modos deportivos (modo de carrera a 6 km / h, modo de carrera a 12 km / h) para que elijas con solo un toque. Perfecto para reanudar suavemente la actividad física, así como para un entrenamiento regular o más intensivo.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Astan Hogar Cinta De Correr Plegable con Motor Continuo 1500W Y Masaje X-Treme Runny AH-FT1010
  • Cinta de correr con un motor continuo de 1500w
  • Velocidad de 0.8 until 12 km/ h
  • Amplia superficie de carrera de 40 x 110 cm; sistema vcs (variable cushioning system)
Bestseller No. 4
Grupo K-2 Riscko Cinta de Correr y Caminar Plegable | Cinta Eléctrica con Pantalla LCD | con Motor de 1 HP y hasta 10 Km de Velocidad Máxima
  • Caminar es uno de los MEJORES EJERCICIOS para mantener y mejorar tu SALUD CARDIOVASCULAR. Con esta cinta lograrás ponerte en forma en poco tiempo y sin necesidad de salir de tu casa.
  • Al tener la OPCIÓN DE PLEGAR, hacen que la puedas guardar en cualquier lugar.
  • TIENE 4 RUEDAS que facilitan su transporte de un lugar a otro de la casa.
Bestseller No. 5
Cecotec Cinta de Correr Profesional Sprint. Folding, 12 programas predefinidos, 5 speeds, Led screen, Velocidad Ajustable: from 0, 8 km/h hasta 14 km / h
  • Cinta de correr profesional con 12 programas predefinidos y 5 speeds; velocidad ajustable: from 0, 8 km/h hasta 14 km / h
  • Pantalla led con panel control: speed, weather, distance, calories, pulsaciones y función scan; amplia superficie de carrera
  • No ocupa espacio: plegable con sistema hidráulico; ruedas para su fácil transporte


If you just want the treadmill to lose a few pounds by keeping moving at home, you don't need powers of much more than 1 CV. However, If you want to keep racing at a light pace, be able to train sprints, do interval sessions with intensity peaks, you're going to need machines with a good top speed.

Therefore, it is not ruled out for large athletes, people in severe weight loss programs, as is the case with many smaller treadmills.

On all treadmill models, it is important that the band is centered on both sides of the footrest, where it can be observed more easily is in the margins of the rear roller accompanying roller, which must have the same amount of millimeters free of band on the left as on the right.

The same way, people with a high weight will need more powerful belts to maintain lower speeds, Which brings us to the next point.

It is important that the treadmill you choose has different programs that allow you to walk, run at different speeds and inclinations.

If we want an electric treadmill to improve physical condition, we must value something more than the engine and its maximum speed.

The motor power marks the running speed that the belt can provide, although it also influences the maximum load of the belt, since he has to move with the weight of the runner on top.

Treadmills have not always had a good damping system and, formerly, They were very hard, which could cause pain and injuries in those people who were not used to it.That is why, nowadays there are numerous options, It is important that we take into account the cushioning that our tapes have.

In the low-end treadmill the amortization is of the tilting type; on mid-range treadmills it is due to a subtle rubber band, springs are used in the high-end, compressed air, subtle rubber bands mixed systems, given by the combination of two of the preceding damping systems.

Our ranges of treadmills combine ease of use and comfort to create an experience that allows you to train harder and longer.