5 reasons to jump rope in your training

Do you have little time and little space, but your desire to exercise is indomitable? Skipping rope is a perfect activity for you. Know the benefits.

The perfect exercise for you is to jump rope, an essential activity for the integral conditioning of the body, here we tell you some advantages.

Something that seems like child's play is a workout in itself, preferred by boxers and the great Bruce Lee, these are some of the benefits of jumping rope.

Skipping rope is an essential activity for the complete conditioning of the body, according to doctor Brian Udermann, from the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse, in United States, and used in a wide variety of sports and recreational activities.

Among its benefits is cardiorespiratory and muscular resistance, as well as the development of agility, the equilibrium, coordination, speed and reaction time.

1. Burns fat

How to jump rope is a great cardiovascular exercise, allows you to burn fat quickly. You can jump at intervals, for example, 30 high intensity jump seconds, then a light minute, followed by others 30 seconds.

2. More for less

Studies have shown that jumping rope by 10 minutes to 120 revolutions per minute, equals 30 jogging minutes, or play two sets of tennis, the swim 600 meters or play 18 golf holes.

3. Helps the lymphatic system

This system is the one in charge of flushing out toxins from your body, but unlike the circulatory system it has no way of moving by itself. Jumping rope or trampoline helps muscles move it.

4. Excellent exercise

Jumping rope is a complete exercise that increases strength, agility, elasticity and speed. It has a positive impact on your bones and a great way to do cardio without damaging your knees., what happens sometimes when running.

5. It is cheap

You don't have to pay a high fee or gym membership to exercise, it's more, you may not even have to leave your house if you move some furniture. The equipment is minimal (a suitable rope) and you can take it everywhere.

Make sure that the rope reaches from shoulder to shoulder while stepping on the central part, this is the right length for your height.

Jump rope without hurting your knees

The keys to avoiding pain in these joints are:
(1) Stand up straight

(2) Land with both feet

(3) Do it for a short time

jump rope
ROPE JUMP. Standing with your back straight, jump and pass the rope underneath. Make sure you land with both feet. Play for 30 a 60 seconds.
jump rope
JUMP ALTERNATING LEGS. Start jumping with one foot forward and the other behind, and change their position with each turn of the rope. You must land with both feet simultaneously. Jump by 30 a 60 seconds.


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